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All our puppies come with limited registration, wormed,vaccinated and microchipped for $1400.

Any photos of puppies on this page may be for illustration purposes only and not necessarily the puppies we have for sale.

We DO NOT sell any puppies on main register.

we do not have any puppies for sale at present

What to look for and ask when buying a puppy

All puppies from any registered breeder (i.e.registered with Dogs NSW) must come with at least Limited Registration it is against the code of ethics for Dogs NSW for them to sell any puppy with no registration papers. Limited Registration means you have bought a well bred pet but can't show or breed from it but can do obedience or agility. Main Registration means you can breed or show this puppy.

All puppies must come microchipped it is an offence for it not to be. They should also be vaccinated at 7-8 weeks of age. To protect them from any outside "bugs" you should not be able to view and handle any puppies until 10 days after vaccination ie.8-9 wks of age so they can build up immunity.

Check with your poodle breeder that at least one of the parents have been DNA tested for PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrohpy - they can go blind) as long as one of the parents is a PRCD Pattern A your puppy is safe, also make sure they check for Patella Luxation (the kneecaps can move in and out) this can be very painful and expensive to fix. But also remember Toy Poodles are generally a rough and tumble breed ,who will jump on the lounge and run out of control around the house and up and down stairs,it is not advisable to encourage this,as this sort of behaviour can cause damage to the ligaments that hold the patella is place, in this case it is environmental not hereditary. Also keep their weight under control as an overweight dog can contribute to this problem.

It is very important that the temperment of the puppy you are looking to buy suits you and your lifestyle just because they are all Toy Poodles doesn't mean they are all suited for obedience, agility or an active lifestyle sometimes they are not and prefer to be house pets who spend a large amount of their time on your lounge or bed listen to your breeder if they have been breeding a long time they will advise you of the suitability between litter mates.

If you decide to buy your puppy from us and it is under 7 weeks of age we will send you photos of the puppy and ask for you to put a holding deposit on the puppy, if when you see your puppy at 7 weeks of age you decide it is not what you were after we will refund your deposit in full (If you check with the Department of Fair Trading I think you will find that all deposits are fully refundable) If you decide the puppy is perfect for you and we also decide we wish for you to have one of our puppies he/she can home with you after 8-9 weeks of age when the balance is paid in full, we do recommend that within 7 days of purchasing your puppy you have it checked by your vet and if you are not happy with it and it is returned to us in the same condition it was sold to you we will fully refund your purchase price


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